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We are STUDENTS!!!

Posted: July 27, 2016 · By: Teamsikler · Comments: 0

It is official! We´re Hillsong College Students. But back to the beginning: We arrived at the Hills on the 14th of July. After we signed our housing contract we were brought to our house. The really good thing about our house is, that it´s only a 3 minute walk from the college/church. That´s pretty awesome because a lot of students have to walk more than half an hour or take the bus/car. The shocking fact was, that the house was completely empty! There were no furniture, no kitchen utensils, no beds, no chairs... Wow! But thank God [...]

Hillsong Conference 2016 in Sydney

Posted: July 18, 2016 · By: Teamsikler · Comments: 0

  At the 5th of July we finally went to Hillsong Conference in Sydney. We were really expectant and were not disappointed! 4 days of celebrating God, listening to inspirational messages and learning great new songs. We were flashed right from the first session on. The atmosphere was amazing in the with more than 20.000 people filled Arena. The days were filled with great messages from international speakers, testimonies, a lot of wisdom and of course great time of worship. One of my highlights was the message by Christine [...]

Livin with the Radnavadivels <3

Posted: July 18, 2016 · By: Teamsikler · Comments: 0

Much love goes out to the Radnavadivel family. Before we could move into College Housing we had to stay somewhere else for our first 2 weeks in Sydney. My brothers Godmother Petra happens to live here with her husband and their 3 children. We were blessed with their hospitality for more than 2 weeks. They gave us a place to sleep, eat and a lot of fun :) We both were sick last week after Conference (Johannes had a flu with over 39 degrees fever). Petra cared for us until we were healthy again :) We had so much fun with the kids! [...]

Our First Trip to Sydney

Posted: July 5, 2016 · By: Teamsikler · Comments: 1

Wow what a beautiful city it is! Our first day in Sydney was great. The fastest and most fun way to travel through the city is with the ferry. It´s cheap and you get to see all the main attractions like Harbour Bridge and Opera House. We went up Sydney Tower to get a great view over the city including the sunset. We´re havin a great time. It´s good to finally have some time to relax and calm down after exciting and exhausting farewell weeks in G.   We keep u posted. TeamSikler   Deutsch: Wow, was [...]