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Last Two Months Update ? (oct.-dec.)

Posted: December 20, 2016 · By: Teamsikler · Comments: 2

Okay let us all be true for a moment: Keeping up with blogging is not easy! So now that we have this out of the way we can try to catch up. I try to do this chronologically (These are only some of the biggest highlights). October: In October we went for one week to the ACC Conference in Port Macquarie which is a 4 hours drive up North. ACC (Australian Christian Churches) is the Association for Pentacostal churches in Australia which Hillsong is part of. Katrina served there in the Kids ministry and I served in TV as a camera [...]

More about Life at Hillsong College…

Posted: August 26, 2016 · By: Teamsikler · Comments: 0

Hi everyone, now I (Katrina) find time to complement what Johannes has written last time. It seems after 2 months in Australia we already found our second home. Our daily life here compared to our life in Germany is almost completely different. We are students , but also a part of the Hillsong family. From the beginning the people from Church saw us as leaders and value us the same as locals. They see a purpose in every student. I started to work in the Youth Ministry. We are a big family and spend a lot of time together. Not only on [...]

New, New, New…

Posted: August 12, 2016 · By: Teamsikler · Comments: 1

Wow! The time goes by so fast. It already feels like a really long time ago since we changed our location to the other side of the planet. On one side we´re already surprisingly settled in our new home but on the other side everything is still so new. I think so far there was not a day without the overwhelming feeling of thankfulness for all the things we´re able to be a part of. Here is a little special thing to watch. haha It´s an re-live of the church service in which the church prayed for us as new students. You can watch the whole thing [...]

We are STUDENTS!!!

Posted: July 27, 2016 · By: Teamsikler · Comments: 0

It is official! We´re Hillsong College Students. But back to the beginning: We arrived at the Hills on the 14th of July. After we signed our housing contract we were brought to our house. The really good thing about our house is, that it´s only a 3 minute walk from the college/church. That´s pretty awesome because a lot of students have to walk more than half an hour or take the bus/car. The shocking fact was, that the house was completely empty! There were no furniture, no kitchen utensils, no beds, no chairs... Wow! But thank God [...]