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More about Life at Hillsong College…

Posted: August 26, 2016 · By: Teamsikler · Comments: 0

Hi everyone, now I (Katrina) find time to complement what Johannes has written last time. It seems after 2 months in Australia we already found our second home. Our daily life here compared to our life in Germany is almost completely different. We are students , but also a part of the Hillsong family. From the beginning the people from Church saw us as leaders and value us the same as locals. They see a purpose in every student. I started to work in the Youth Ministry. We are a big family and spend a lot of time together. Not only on [...]

New, New, New…

Posted: August 12, 2016 · By: Teamsikler · Comments: 1

Wow! The time goes by so fast. It already feels like a really long time ago since we changed our location to the other side of the planet. On one side we´re already surprisingly settled in our new home but on the other side everything is still so new. I think so far there was not a day without the overwhelming feeling of thankfulness for all the things we´re able to be a part of. Here is a little special thing to watch. haha It´s an re-live of the church service in which the church prayed for us as new students. You can watch the whole thing [...]